Jason Im

Full-stack Web Developer, Entrepreneur


  • 5+ years` experience on web development including 50M PV/M website, iPad magazine ranked at 1st in book category and enterprise video conference product.
  • Develop both client-side and server-side.
  • Have expertise on one-page Javascript apps using various MV* frameworks such as Meteor, Angular.js, Backbone.js.
  • Specialize in web server implemented with Java EE or PHP using frameworks such as Spring, Hibernate, CodeIgniter.
  • Broadcast live video and service on-demand video using FFmpeg and Wowza Media Server.


CEO, Agreable, Inc.
Seoul, South Korea — Mar 2015 ~  Present

Develop HMR (Home Meal Replacement) e-commerce platform “Wing Eat” for processed food manufacturer in South Korea. Implement with Meteor and MongoDB.


  • Succeed in making profit in a first month, $20,000 in 6th months.
  • Get a seed investment from Venture Capitalist Primer.

Web Developer, Estsoft
Seoul, South Korea — Sep 2013 ~ Feb 2015 (a year and 6 months)

Develop and maintain a portal website having nearly 50 million pageviews per month named ““. Implement with a variety of Javascript and Java EE frameworks such as Angular.js, Backbone.js, Spring, Hibernate. Working as a substitution of mandatory military service until Feb 2015.


  • Simplified maintenance of widget system through modifying it which had mutually exclusive Content Management System (CMS) and API into one being able to work at general system, and this improvement shortened development period almost half.
  • Applied lazy loading to client of widget system and loading time of widgets doesn`t affect whole page performance.
  • Developed general CMS module with various functions in order to remove redundant codes through from server-side to client-side. Especially a function making flexible input form helped CMS`s extendability. So, average issues on new CMS declined 10 to 2~3.

Web Developer, Futurewiz
Seoul, South Korea — Feb 2012 ~ Aug 2013 (a year and 6 months)

Developed enterprise web video conference service especially related to live and on-demand lecture videos about stock market. It had more than 70% share of online conference market in Korea. Implemented client with Flex, Javascript. and implemented server with ASP, PHP using CodeIgniter which is rapid MVC Framework. Used Wowza Media Server as streaming server and develop custom modules in Java.


  • Revised recording module of Wowza Media Server to async and non-blocking. Former module waited IO thread while coping video into storage server. This improvement removed missing videos.
  • Designed general components on Flex video player. There was many redundant codes on client-side because difference of programs between customers was usually only design. This improvement standardized components.

Front-end Developer, Bitdot
Seoul, South Korea — Aug 2010 ~ Aug 2011 (a year)

Developed tablet magazine “Episode” which was the first iPad magazine in South Korea. It ranked at 1st in free book category in Apple App store on May 2011. Developed core library with Javascript working on Phonegap and published HTML pages with HTML5, CSS3. This experience give me a profound understanding about mobile environment having limited resource. Worked six months as a part-time job on semester and another six months as a full-time job on vacation.


  • Developed pagination library which loads articles through AJAX call according to user interaction. Also, this library had many features optimized on limited environment such as loading alternative images while uncertain user interaction rather than render whole article. This feature could shorten article loading time from 5~7 seconds to 1~2 seconds.


  • Programming Languages
    Proficient : Java, PHP, Javascript, ActionScript
    Familiar with : C++, C#, ASP
  • Front-end
    Proficient : HTML5, CSS3, Less
    Javascript (Angular.js, Require.js, Backbone.js, Underscore.js)
    Ionic, ActionScript (Flex), Twitter Bootstrap, jQuery(UI, Mobile), WordPress
  • Server-side
    Proficient : Java EE (Spring MVC/Security/Social/Boot, Hibernate)
    Meteor, Node.js (, Express), PHP (CodeIgniter, Smarty)
    Apache, Nginx, AWS
  • Database
    Proficient : MySQL (MyISAM, InnoDB), MongoDB, MSSQL
    Familiar with : Redis
  • Video Streaming
    Proficient : Wowza Media Server, FFmpeg
  • Mobile
    Proficient : Android, Phonegap
  • Operating System
    Proficient : Linux (Fedora, CentOS), Windows Server 2008
  • Tools
    Proficient : Eclipse, Git, Maven, SVN, Redmine, Grunt, Flash, Photoshop, Yeoman


Bachelor of Science in Computer Science, Hongik University
Seoul, South Korea — 2009 ~ 2016

  • Take three years off from school because of working in lieu of mandatory military service
  • Take classes on accounting and marketing
  • Computer Research Club 09, Wall Painting Club 09


  • Engineer Information Processing
    Human Resourses Development Service of Korea
    June 2011
  • E-test Professional
    Samsung SDS
    May 2005

Personal Interests